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Tiffany Candles


Take advantage of 2 scents in 1 with our amazing wax CHUNKLETS!

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Heart Tarts Available! These make great Christmas gifts and the jars are reusable!


About Tiffany Candles

Making candles started out as a hobby, but as each candle became better than the last I grew more and more passionate in the quest to create the perfect candle. Then over time, my passion became Tiffany Candles, LLC. I truly believe you will be pleasantly surprised with each candle or scented wax melt you order! I take great pride in producing maximum scented, clean burning candles. I hand pour each candle at the time of order. I use the finest quality paraffin and parasoy waxes. All of our wicks are lead free & we use 100% pure fragrance oils for a strong smelling candle from the first time you light it all the way down to the bottom. We hope you enjoy melting our products as much as we enjoy making them for you! Happy Melting!


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